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About the Lil' guy

Pepito is truly unique and original. Pepito is sick and tired of all these so called crappy baby tokens. Baby this, baby that, blahhhh. The true child of Pepe needs to have a proper name to rise to the throne. And Pepito is baptized in the name of daddy Pepe.

Where Pepe lacks, his son picks up. Various utilities such as staking, an NFT collection with perks, and his very own game in Pepito Kart! Everyone needs to have some fun while making memes. Even Pepe. Pepito is where the fun comes.

CA: 0xb2cb83e8e1b326373b7f1068d10c50ebfa04f070

Pepito c'mon let's party!

Pepito Kart

Pepito has his own little play 2 earn game. In this thrilling Web 3 game, players can wager their $PEPI against each other to decide just who's the fastest little frog out there in a race to the finish line.

Buckle up those seat belts, and be in for an exhilarating ride. Featuring various racetracks and levels, nft collection integration as usable characters, and in game items. Players who own an nft from the Pepito Platoon NFT collection will be able to use their NFTs as an in game character!

NFTs will also provide discounts on in game purchases for boosts, customization, and various other aspects. 10% of the wagered $PEPI will go into a treasury fund. This will be used to develop the game even further as time goes by. Available only on PC for the time being. Plans are being made to take the game to mobile as well. Who will be the fastest Pepi racer?

Ready, Set, Go! Play Pepito Kart

About Image


Phase 1

Meme Power
Community Power
Together as a Platoon we make the Frog signal
Immaculate Vibes only!

Phase 2

Launch NFT collection (Pepito Platoon)
Pepito Kart P2E wagering game on PC

Phase 3

Trend everywhere
CEX Listings
Coin Gecko and CoinMarketCap
List everywhere until we takeover.

Phase 4

Improve on everything 
Build Build Build
Update Pepito Kart to a mobile version
Introduce more NFT collections, network, and more utility
Evolve to become just like Daddy.